Chateau Photography is a business with over 7 years experience in taking photography for all different occasions. We believe that photographs immortalise time- it captures a moment never to be repeated.

A photograph not only holds special moment but it can be shared by others once time has moved beyond our existence. We love capturing those priceless moments so you can remember what happened at your wedding and be able to share those memories. That’s why it is important that your special day is captured in a way that you will remember every single detail.

At Chateau Photography capturing that moment is all that matters to us. Working with our clients and understanding what they require to ensure we satisfy there every requirement. Chateau Photography will manage everything right down to the style and layout of your wedding album. A range of packages have been designed to suit every couple without compromising quality.

Warrick Cramer

An experienced wedding photographer, Warrick has travelled internationally taking photos at different exotic locations.

Warrick is a perfectionist in every way and demands his images to be creative and inspiring.

Warrick’s friendly approach and approachable personality ensures that you receive photos that match your personality.