Always check the zipper!

Hi Everyone,

This is my very first blog, so go easy on me!

I recently photographed a great wedding, however, the morning was almost a disaster!

It started like this – I started to photograph the Bride getting into her beautiful Bridal gown by Raffaele Ciuca, with her proud mother doing up the dress; when the unthinkable happened……………the zip broke! As I looked on, almost speechless.  I watched her mothers face drop and almost burst into tears.  It was only 40mins before we would need to leave for the church!!!

So very calmly we got the Bride out of the gown and realised very quickly the zip could not be fixed.  So her brother jumped into his car and went off to Spotlight to purchase some hooked and thread.

The Bride was so lovely and calm and although I could sense how upset she was did not let the zip get the better of her and more importantly ruin her entire day.

Overall we ended up being only 30 mins late and I made time up on location – and the photos were great, which I will post some up.

The moral of this story – make sure you check the zipper before picking up the dress from the designer.