How much time is enough????

I meet couples almost daily and the most common question which is discussed is “How much time do I leave between ceremony and reception?”

Well although it may seem like a very easy question to answer – it is often extremely difficult.  So many variables exist and can be easily overlooked;  Some of these could be:

Where is the ceremony?  What time is it being held?  How many guests?  Where is the bride and groom leaving from?  What time of the year is the wedding?  Is the wedding on a Friday or weekend?

These are just a few questions – my list can go on and on.

Most important to me – is to make sure I have enough time to deliver the images which are important to a couple.

As a photographer I need time to produce images. Wedding photos are a lifetime memory so it is important to do your research on locations and make sure they match your wedding theme.

Only advice I can give couples is to really think about the times because you don’t get a second chance.