Make up – Does it matter?

I see so many couples and one question I always ask is who is doing your makeup.  Most of the time Brides look at me strangely …..wondering why is this photographer asking!

Over the years I have founded a deep appreciation for makeup artists and the skill they offer.  Many Brides I speak with don’t know the difference between everyday makeup and photographic makeup.  Admittedly I didn’t really understand either until I started photography professionally.

For those of you who are married will understand how fast the day goes – and even though we all want the perfect day weather wise, it cannot be guaranteed.

From a purely photographers perspective I always try to educate Brides on the value in getting a professional to do the makeup on their wedding day.  Nothing is worse for me when a Bride gets a friend to do her makeup or a professional make up artist who is not experienced…………and on location I can see it breaking up and becoming blotchy.  I am always placed in a difficult position, do I say something??????

Good makeup – and I am not referring to any brands, just makeup that is designed for the intended purpose, should last all day, should be water proof and be able to work in all types on weather conditions.

Also a good make up artist will match the base colour to suit the Brides skin tones.  Nothing worse photographing a Bride with a mask!

One bit if advise regardless who is photographing your wedding make sure you use a good makeup artist, do a trial and take photos!  A camera picks up everything and if it does not look good in your camera it will definately not look good in your photographers! What your eye sees is different to what a camera sees. Another point make sure you apply the makeup in the morning and wear it all day….like it was your wedding day.

I will probably be shot down for giving such advise. The importance of a wedding day can only be measured after it takes place and I know whenever I am asked to photograph a wedding, whatever I do for a couple with stay with them forever – so it is important to get everything right!